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We live at a time of the falling capitalization of oil and gas companies. Annually, dozens of companies of dollar billionaires appear and most of them are in the IT sphere. Would you like to invest at the company Google, or Microsoft at least $ 1000 when they were at their start? Now this investment would have been increased tens of thousands of times.
The company IT Business CORP LTD has been looking for such companies and investing funds in them since 2015. Since 2018, the company is developing its start-up in the field of artificial intelligence. And by December 2019 we are going to present a demo version of the product to a wide audience.
The company currently employs more than 100 people and every year we double the number of employees. We are planning to launch our IT incubator in Canada, Russia and Kazakhstan in 2020.
And who knows, maybe it is your investment that will bring you fabulous wealth.If you are tired of scanty bank interest, if you are looking for a company which you want to invest your money in, invest and earn a solid income, stable and secure income, then IT Business CORP LTD company is exactly what you were looking for. Join us and earn with us.


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