Clumio Raises $135 Million Series C Funding For Cloud Backup Solutions

Cloud backup provider Clumio has announced that it has secured $135 million in Series C funding. Clumio was founded by serial entrepreneur Poojan Kumar to provide cloud companies with a suite of…

Microsoft Announces Changes to Cloud Contract Terms Amid EU Probe

Microsoft has announced an update to its cloud contract terms, one that brings it into greater compliance with EU privacy laws. In October, Reuters reported that an EU probe voiced serious concerns that Microsoft’s contract terms violated the GDPR, the…

5G Dramatically Accelerates Industrial Digitization, Says Qualcomm CEO

The total amount of economic impact of 5G in 2035 is going to be $13.2 trillion, says Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf. This is really about all the features to make high reliable factories. There are special features that we have put into the standard which will come out in a second, third, and fourth-wave over the next decade.

Microsoft Teams Reaches 20 Million Daily Users, Double Slack’s User Base

Just four months after Microsoft Teams reached 13 million daily users, the company is reporting that number has reached 20 million. Microsoft Teams is a unified communication platform that competes with Slack, Google Hangouts and Cisco Webex Teams. Not surprisingly,…

The History Of Phishing (And Spam)

Having a spam email show up in your inbox nowadays is most of the time a harmless annoyance and we don’t really pay attention to them nearly as much as we used to. Spam has always been unpopular, but at…

Android Flaw Lets Rogue Apps Spy On You, Accessing Camera and Mic

Security firm Checkmarx has announced a serious flaw in Android that allows rogue apps to access the camera, as well as the microphone. Director of Security Research Erez Yalon and Senior Security Researcher Pedro Umbelino authored the post detailing their…

Infineon and Klika Tech Partner to Develop Innovative Smart Building Solutions

Infineon and Klika Tech have announced a partnership to accelerate development of smart building solutions

Waymo Technology Now Powering Driverless Rides, Trucking, and Delivery

We have ride-hailing, long-haul trucking, and then delivery as well. We’re also interested in personally owned cars. We’re very excited about the long haul trucking opportunity. We’ve already done a pilot with Google shipping some of their datacenter parts in Atlanta.

How Apps Steal Your Privacy

Each day, the world makes 250 million terabytes of new data – every second 946 Instagram photos are taken, 8,690 tweets are posted, 77,783 things are searched on Google, and 2,845,459 emails are sent and received all over the world.…

Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.2.3 Update

Just eleven days after the last one, Apple has released another iOS and iPadOS update.


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