Intel CEO: I Was Blown Away By Mobileye’s Autonomous Driving Technology

“I was blown away by how fast and how quickly their autonomous driving technology has developed,” says Intel CEO Bob Swan in reference to Mobileye. “Their technology increasingly builds our confidence for our ability to go from L2, L 2+, to L3 and to deploy automobiles for robo-taxi’s in early 2022.”

5G Poses New Security Risks, Says Avast CEO

“5G brings a couple of things,” says Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek. “One is the density of the network which is enabling things like IoT, the Internet of Things. That’s an exciting thing but also poses some new security risks. Second is speed of connectivity which we all want and which we all sort of are hoping to get better.”

Zebra Tech Tracking Technology Integrating Deep Into Sports and Business

“We’ve learned this past year that the tracking system we have with the NFL is actually considered to be the best by the broadcasters, coaches, and the fans,” says Zebra Tech CEO Anders Gustafsson. “Our type of technology works particularly well with football but it would also work for basketball, ice hockey, and soccer.”

Eventually, You Won’t Know What’s Real or Not in Computer Games

“We’re going to reach a point where you won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s created in the computer and what’s real,” says Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. “That doesn’t mean we’ll do it for all of our games. This promise of taking certain titles, like basketball, and making it truly look like live-action is pretty close now.”

View Velocity Is The Secret To Ranking On YouTube

“To determine rankings on their platform, YouTube uses a metric called the View Velocity,” says HubSpot SEO expert Braden Becker. “The View Velocity metric measures the number of subscribers who watch your video right after it’s been published. The higher your videos view velocity the higher your videos will rank.”

Is WeWork Really a Tech Company?

It leases buildings and then rents it out in smaller pieces. That’s not a new business model, that’s a real estate company. What’s new about The We Company is that it’s pitching itself as a technology firm. They’re trying to turn our offices into an Amazon warehouse in order to get the tech valuation.

Zuckerberg Connecting Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook. What Could Go Wrong?

Mark Zuckerberg is trying to encrypt the backbone between WhatsApp, Instagram, and the core platform Facebook, such that he has one communications network across 2.7 billion people or the population of the southern hemisphere plus India. What could go wrong? I think Mark Zuckerberg is the most dangerous person in the world.

Can AI Be Ethical?

Technology is becoming a more and more prevalent part of our lives by the day, and pretty soon driving will fall under one of many things under their control. By 2050, driverless cars and mobility as a service will be…

50 Years Of Datacenter Shifting To Cloud, Says Dynatrace CEO

“You have 50 years of datacenter that is shifting to the cloud in the next ten,” says Dynatrace CEO John Van Siclen. “We are early days. There’s a lot of room to go and I’m sure a lot of changes in front of us. Every enterprise around the world is moving and moving fast. It’s going to redefine how businesses work in the future.”

Rakuten Rolling Out Revolutionary 5G Mobile Network In Japan

As 5G rolls out consumers will understand the benefits. The key is an edge computing. There is a very low latency between your device and edge. It’s just a millisecond latency, so it’s almost like you have artificial intelligence. You hold your own artificial intelligence in your hand.


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